The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower

The Future of Medicine

When great minds
Are given the proper conditions
There is no limit to what can be achieved…

The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower, planned for construction on Haifa’s West Campus, is envisioned as becoming one of the most advanced medical research institutes in the world.

The Tower will house state-of-the-art laboratories for Rambam’s Clinical Research Institute and its affiliate, The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion. Additionally, space will be made available to biomedical and medical device startups, to facilitate important onsite collaborations. The University of Haifa will also locate a satellite campus site to include its internationally renowned School of Public Health, the Brain Sciences Research Program, and Allied Health Professions Schools in the Health Discovery Tower Center.

Situated at the heart of Haifa’s biomedical research community, in close proximity to the Technion, the MindUP Biomedical Incubator, and a host of biomedical startups, the new Health Discovery Tower will become a powerful catalyst and driver for healthcare innovation.

By bringing together Israel’s most gifted researchers, physicians, and entrepreneurs and placing the most advanced facilities and equipment at their disposal, the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower can be expected to change the face of modern medicine.

In the words of Professor Karl Skorecki, MD, Director, of Research and Development at the Rambam Medical Center:

The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower on the Rambam Campus will be open for research scientists from all of Israel’s medical centers and serve as a transformative national resource for medical research and innovation. Interaction and integration are the keys to success in health discovery breakthroughs. There is no place on earth where such a convergence of talent driven by real-life medical challenges is brought together for the benefit of human health.

There are many ways you can help Rambam build the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower, and secure Israel’s position as a global leader for medical innovation. Please contact Canadian Friends of Rambam for more information at (416) 481-5552.

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