A Message from the President

Greetings all.

As the president and founder of Canadian Friends of Rambam Health Care Campus (CFRAM) I have had extensive and intimate experience with this magnificent pillar of Israeli society for over 25 years. Rambam is not only the only tertiary-level hospital providing unsurpassed health care to Northern Israel in times of war and peace; not only is it a world class research institution associated with the Technion and other institutions world-wide but its composition of medical and administrative staff mirrors the multi-ethnic makeup of Northern Israel.

I have personally witnessed Arab doctors providing life-saving procedures to Jewish patients and Jewish organ donors providing life-sustaining transplants to Palestinian children. Truly these are bridges to peace and security. Rambam’s experts travel the world to share their life-saving knowledge and techniques. For example, as the world leader in mass trauma treatment, in 2017 a Rambam team is teaching the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto how to deal with any man-made or natural disaster where treatment of masses of people is required.

I urge you to investigate further the amazing accomplishments of Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. Learn more of their wonderful deeds and get involved or help financially with their life saving work.

Rambam is truly Israel at its best and you can help make it happen.


— David Green, President