CFRAM Support & Influence

Be a Part of Shaping Israel’s Future

Canadian Friends of the Rambam Medical Center (CFRAM) is privileged to be the primary organization helping Rambam achieve its mission: excellence in medicine, leadership in scientific research, and a commitment to providing medical care for all in need.

Three generations of the Barer family with Rambam staff in the Meri and Sol J. Barer Play Atrium

As Northern Israel’s largest hospital, your support enables Rambam to carry out innovative projects and development that have a far-reaching impact on the region and the world. As a result, CFRAM has been instrumental in helping Rambam transform its most ambitious visions into reality. For their part, CFRAM members share the pride and satisfaction of partnering with some of the greatest healers, scientists, innovators and humanitarians in the world.

The hospital’s exemplary new West Campus, now more than half completed, has already elevated the standard of medical care in the north to the highest levels. Many projects throughout the Rambam campus would never have been possible without the uncompromising support of CFRAM members and its donors:

  • Hundreds of donors, both small and large, have given their support so that Rambam could open and equip the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital. Some 15 families and foundations donated funds to establish a medical unit, department, or public area in the Children’s Hospital.
  • In the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital, CFRAM has been responsible for significant donations to build its operating rooms, and to acquire hundreds of beds and equipment. To this day, CFRAM is still raising funds for the Underground Hospital’s 2000 bed campaign.
  • Several major donors have given significant support for the Joseph Fishman Oncology Center, funding the research floor and research projects that will be carried out in the future, as well as other hospitalization and treatment areas.
  • The First International Swim from the Heart swim-a-thon event, an initiative of Canadian Friends of Rambam board leadership, attracted more than 650 swimmers to the Haifa Bay to raise awareness and funds for Sudden Cardiac Death research.
  • Over the years, equipping and supporting physicians and researchers throughout the hospital as they pursue their life-saving missions.

We invite you to join us today as we support Israeli healthcare and innovation for the benefit of all humanity.

Donors Herta and Paul Amir receiving a Golden Maimonides Circle Award certificate from Rambam's Prof. Rafi Beyar and Dr. Esty Golan.
Sandy Weill (center) with Rambam Medical Leadership, visiting the Joan and Sanford Weill Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Division at the Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital
Ruth and Sandy Frankel (right), on behalf of the Leona M. and Harry B. Hemsley Charitable Trust, at the 2016 Rambam Summit
Zahava and Yoram Cedar (center) at their appreciation ceremony at Rambam's Children's Hospital with Prof. Amos Etzioni and Prof. Rafi Beyar
Andrea and Larry Wolfe (center) from the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Foundation flanked by Prof. Rafi Beyar and Rambam Medical Leadership