The East Campus

The eclectic collection of buildings on Rambam’s East Campus includes an Ottoman-era former convent, a classic Bauhaus structure, and the main Sammy Ofer Hospital, built in the 1970s.

Systematic efforts are underway to upgrade and fortify these older facilities, to ensure that every patient visiting Rambam Health Care Campus receives excellent care with comfort and dignity.

We hope you will consider helping Rambam achieve its goal to offer modern treatment options in a secure and comfortable setting throughout its campus.  Below are a few of the many important opportunities available:

Upgrading and Building New, Desperately Needed Facilities:

  • Upgrading the Department of Internal Medicine, where many of Northern Israel’s elderly are treated
  • Building a new Medical Intensive Care Unit in the Department of Internal Medicine
  • Expanding and upgrading the Department of Neurosurgery – the main referral service for all of Northern Israel.

Acquisition of State of the Art Imaging Equipment:

  • A Spect CT Scanner – used by every hospital department, 24 hours/day
  • A Neurosurgical Microscope – to support microsurgical procedures
  • A 3Tesla MRI Scanner – imaging with exceptional anatomic detail
  • Advanced Ultrasound Imaging System – dramatically upgrading existing capabilities

Equipment Acquisition for the Medical Departments:

  • For the Operating Rooms – monitors and other equipment
  • For the Epilepsy Center – equipment to improve diagnostic and treatment services
  • For Orthopedic Back Surgery – a surgical navigation and imaging system
  • For the IVF Unit – equipment to enhance fertility treatment outcomes
  • For the Dermatology Department – a new laser therapy instrument

For more information on these, and other giving opportunities, please contact Canadian Friends of Rambam at (416) 481-5552.

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