The Joseph Fishman Oncology Center

Supporting Cancer Care with Dignity

Deeply impressed by the excellent professional care he received from Rambam oncologists, yet dismayed by the hospital’s worn-down facilities, Haifa industrialist Joseph Fishman left a legacy to benefit the cancer patients of Northern Israel.

The Joseph Fishman Oncology Center opened its doors in June 2016, and is already providing state-of-the-art, comfortable and compassionate care in Rambam’s new West Campus.

Within the new and spacious facility, traditional, complementary, and alternative medical treatments will eventually be available. Laboratories dedicated to oncological research will bring hope to our patients in the here and now. Other facilities will be dedicated to cancer prevention and detection outreach into the communities of the region.

With three floors remaining to be completed and equipped, patients still need to brave the weather and walk considerable distances from the new hospital to get their radiation treatments in the old facility.  Many of them are elderly, and deserving of our compassion.

Their path to treatment can be made easier with your help!

Giving opportunities are available for entire floors, departments, and medical and imaging equipment, specialized treatment rooms (including a linear accelerator bunker), patient beds, and more.


Significant Medical Equipment (in US$)

Medical Equipment Cost per Unit
Patient Monitors 6,000
Vital Signs Monitors 3,000
Volumetric Infusion Pumps and, or Injection Pumps 1,800
Feeding Infusion Pumps 590
Fully-Automatic Defibrillators 1,800
Semi-Automatic Defibrillators 5,900
Electric Thermometers 590
Wireless Glucometers 1,800

Significant Durable Equipment (in US$)

Durable Equipment Cost per Unit
Emergency Resuscitation Carts 1,800
Treatment Carts 1,600
Armchairs for Patients 900
Chairs for Inpatient Visitors 120
Inpatient Beds 3,300
Medicine Refrigerators 1,800
Laundry Carts 2,200

Significant Computer Equipment (in US$)

Computer Equipment Cost per Unit
Computers 650
Computer Screens 150
Laser Printers 260
Physicians’ Medical Carts with Computer 2,700
Nurses’ Medical Carts with Computer 3,100


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